Common questions. Common sense answers.

Q. Why is this the opportune time to add Insured LASIK™ to a benefit plan?

A. Even with spiraling costs and reductions in coverage, healthcare benefit plans must be responsive to the evolving needs and lifestyles of their membership. Insured LASIK is a unique solution that helps offset today’s financial constraints by providing a meaningful benefit — a differentiating feature that has wide appeal, high value and affordable rates.

Q. What does Insured LASIK cover?

A. Insured LASIK provides a fully insured benefit of up to $1,000 to each member and covered dependent for laser vision correction. Rates start as low as $.50 per member per month. Savings are greater when the insured member uses a preferred provider in the Supreme LASIK Network. Covered laser vision correction procedures consist of LASIK (including Custom Wavefront and All-Laser LASIK), LASEK and PRK.

Q. Where can members have their procedure performed?

A. Insured members can choose any doctor who is licensed to perform refractive surgery in the U.S. At the same time, they can maximize their savings by an extra 15% when they use a provider within the Supreme LASIK Network — the nation’s largest network of LASIK surgeons.

Q. How does Insured LASIK fit with other components of a benefit plan?

A. Insured LASIK actually complements vision, pharmacy, dental and health coverage. By packaging it as an additional enhancement to a plan’s overall design, it effectively expands the scope of comprehensiveness, flexibility, cost-efficiency and value — at an incrementally small cost.

Q. How do members take advantage of their Insured LASIK coverage?

A. It’s as simple and easy as making a toll-free telephone call listed in their membership materials. They’ll be assisted in choosing a LASIK provider in their area. There are no claim forms to deal with if a Supreme LASIK Network provider is selected; all paperwork is completed and filed on their behalf.

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